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Bankruptcy Litigation in Irvine, California

Southern California Bankruptcy Litigation Attorneys

The bankruptcy litigation attorneys at North, Nash & Abendroth LLP (NNA) are committed to the protection of your rights as a creditor.

NNA attorneys have the experience to handle all of your creditor's rights needs, including:

  • Complex bankruptcy litigation
  • Defense of preference/avoidance actions
  • Real estate disputes (e.g., unpaid lease rent)
  • Relief from stay
  • Fraud and prohibited transfers

As a creditor in a bankruptcy proceeding, you are immediately placed on the defensive. Let our experienced bankruptcy litigation and creditor's rights attorneys put you back on the offensive. NNA attorneys are at home in complex litigation and contested proceedings.

We use our experience, determination and unrelenting resolve to help clients pursue their objectives. As a result of our commitment to clients and history of proven results, NNA has been trusted to represent Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, government entities and international corporations. However, we also are pleased to serve small business owners in their commercial endeavors.

Personal Attention to Your Legal Needs

As a business owner, your legal needs change and evolve over time. Bankruptcy litigation is complex, and your objectives in a particular case may change in response to industry needs, business connections and other matters vital to your bottom-line.

NNA is receptive to the ever changing and evolving needs of clients. Our attorneys work closely with clients to provide the consistent support and assistance they require. At North, Nash & Abendroth LLP, personal service is more than just a slogan — it is a way of doing business. Our firm has flourished as a result of our lawyers' ability to maintain lasting business relationships that are built on a foundation of trust, delivered results and superior service.

Contact North, Nash & Abendroth LLP

To speak with an NNA lawyer about bankruptcy litigation, contact our law office in Irvine, California. For assistance, call 949-752-2200, or contact us by e-mail.