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Entertainment/Media/Advertising & Constitutional Law in Irvine, California

Entertainment/Media/Advertising & Constitutional Law Litigation and Counseling

At North, Nash & Abendroth LLP (NNA), our attorneys have extensive experience representing media entities, including television and radio stations and groups, broadcast and cable television networks, newspapers, magazine publishers, studios, publishers, booksellers, reporters, authors, music companies, production companies, post-production companies and celebrities in all manner of legal issues faced by the media and entertainment industry. We also advise clients on compliance with advertising laws and litigate false advertising cases.

Our attorneys engage in this practice not only as a professional pursuit, but as a matter of personal conviction. They believe that the fundamental First Amendment freedoms of press, speech, expression and religion, as well as in all other constitutional rights, need to be protected with vigorous and experienced representation. One of our partners is the president of the Constitutional Rights Foundation; another partner has litigated numerous First Amendment cases at the trial court and appellate level and won important, published decisions that have strengthened protection for freedom of speech and press.

Our media, advertising and entertainment law practice embraces such matters as:

  • Defamation defense
  • Invasion of privacy defense
  • Right of publicity defense
  • Freedom of information and open meeting actions
  • Court access
  • Prior restraint
  • Shield law
  • Anti-SLAPP cases
  • Copyright infringement actions (both as plaintiff and defendant)
  • Interference with prospective economic advantage
  • Trademark actions
  • False advertising and related claims
  • Pre-publication, pre-broadcast review
  • Contract disputes
  • Syndication disputes
  • Counsel regarding comparative advertising issues

We believe strongly that the protection of freedom of the press and other First Amendment rights are vital to our nation. Unfortunately, the cost of defense of many lawsuits that threaten these rights can itself chill the exercise of these protected First Amendment freedoms.

Experienced and Cost-Effective Representation in Orange County

Formerly, only big law firms had media practices, and with their billing rates and big-firm overhead, the cost of defense often coerced unjustified settlements. North, Nash & Abendroth LLP prides itself on offering a cost-effective alternative. Without the high overhead and billing rates of big firms, we offer the same expertise but at prices that permit principled representation and resolution of disputes on the merits rather than merely to avoid incurring exorbitant legal fees.

NNA can provide the cost-effective representation that media organizations and entertainment firms need to ensure that the public's right to know is protected from efforts to silence or intimidate. The media must have the free and unfettered right to report and to disseminate information and entertainment matters of interest and concern to the public without fear of crippling cost. NNA helps to make that constitutional promise a business reality.

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