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North & Nash LLP attorneys have a wealth of experience in trademark, copyright, trade secret, unfair competition, and Internet law. Businesses count on us to help protect and enforce key assets that distinguish them from their competition including trademarks, trade names, copyrights and domain names.

Our services include conducting searches to determine availability of trademarks, service marks and trade names, and prosecuting and defending trademarks, copyright and trade secret claims. With respect to Internet matters, our services also include preparing website legal notices required under State and Federal privacy laws, pursuing actions against cyber squatters under Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), and pursuing and defending take-down actions under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. With respect to trade secrets, our services include preparing agreements and policies governing employee conduct, negotiating information-sharing agreements with strategic partners, helping to protect confidential information when employees leave, and helping to avoid liability when clients hire employees from competitors.

We have litigated a broad spectrum of intellectual property matters before State and Federal Courts and in administrative proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board (TTAB). These matters have included the following:

Successful defense of radio broadcasting chain in trademark infringement and Lanham Act section 43(a) claims in Federal Court over radio station slogan and call letters

Successful defense of a national snack food manufacturer in State Court on claims for trademark infringement, unfair competition and license disputes concerning brand of popular snack food product

Successful prosecution of trademark infringement and trade secret misappropriation claims on behalf of a large manufacturing company

Successful prosecution of copyright infringement and misappropriation of trade secret claims in Federal Court, including obtaining preliminary injunction, on behalf of major international software development firm arising from former employees' misappropriation of source code

At North & Nash LLP, our copyright and trademark attorneys are inspired by those who put their unique creative ideas and hard work into action. We want to help these innovative thinkers by providing them the tools to strengthen and grow their business.  In addition, we want to fight to protect your service and trademarks that may be at risk.  Our experienced trademark, copyright, and contract attorneys are your best choice for these types of disputes.

Contact us today if you need a trademark attorney, copyright lawyer, or contract attorney. Our intellectual property law firm is located in Newport Beach, CA and would love to assist you.  Let us help you protect what you have created.