North Nash

Education Law Defense

The attorneys of North & Nash LLP have had the privilege of providing legal services to public and private K-12 schools, colleges, universities and private graduate and professional schools throughout Southern California for more than 25 years.  One of our partners serves as General Counsel to one of the largest school districts in California.

Our attorneys are well experienced in the legal issues facing educational institutions, including open governance, contracting, student conduct, employment matters, uniform complaints, academic freedom, and faculty promotions and tenure issues.  Their experience also extends to more diverse areas such as religious access, First Amendment freedoms, school uniforms, intellectual property matters (copyright and trademark), charter school matters, public financing and election matters.

We are proud of our ability to anticipate and respond to the evolving legal service needs of our education clients, and we are committed to providing clear-sighted advice and assistance to help them accomplish their missions and goals in compliance with the complex network of laws and regulations governing their conduct.

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing educational institutions, including in the following areas:

  • Labor and Employment Law (including hiring procedures, termination and discipline procedures, certificated and classified employee evaluation, investigation of alleged wrongdoing, layoffs and reassignments, management contracts, employment discrimination and harassment, employee privacy, drug and alcohol related issues, government oversight investigations, employee benefits, ADA compliance, Unruh Act compliance, etc.)
  • Operations, Business and Finance (including the Brown Act, open meeting laws, disclosure requirements, Public Records Act compliance, management, Tort Claims Act, school finance/bond issues, charter school issues, etc.)
  • Student Issues (including Title IX compliance, student and parent rights and responsibilities, student discipline, religious expression in public schools, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliance, Office for Civil Rights (OCR), governmental investigations, etc.)